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Canon Digital Camera - Transfering Large Files From Camera

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I received a Canon PowerShot SD770IS from my sister Kerri so that I would be able to have a better camera to take around that would fit in my pocket. My other camera, a Canon Rebel XTI is too big to take out in some situations, for instance hanging out with friend's I'd prefer to take my SD770IS so that I can simply store it in my pocket.

I also wanted one for the use of the video function, it seems my Digital SLR Rebel XTI doesn't do video.

So I received the camera and started using it making lots of video's today, which I plan to publish later.

A few of the videos ended up being 600-800 mb AVI's which is pretty large and when I tried the few windows utilities which allows you to transfer most files from your camera to your computer, I was disappointed when it didn't work for the bigger images.

I searched a few times and nothing really came up other then to buy a card reader, great idea. Except nothing is open till Saturday! Not so great idea, my 4GB card won't do me too then so I search some more and came across a post on a message forum which said you need to use the Canon software to transfer larger videos because of a "cryptic message" that prevents you from moving large videos.

So, if your using a Canon and are having problems dragging and dropping videos or copying/moving them, use the ZoomBrowser provided on the Canon CD that came with the camera and you are all set!

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