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Banning Water From Schools

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The "Council of Canadians" wants the Island government to ban bottled water from schools on PEI.

- Tap water in all Island schools should be safe to drink and readily available from fountains and in cafeterias.
- Many bottled water brands come from the same source as public tap water but are sold as somehow more pure. Yet bottled water is tested less frequently for safety than tap water. Water should not be commodified and students should not have to pay for the right to water.
As a student, I always had a bottle of water in my hand. The teachers would definitely not like the amount of trips to the water fountain I would make if I did not have bottled water.

Without it, I could missed a lot of school work. While I have nothing backing me up saying this, I would think bottled water would be much safer then tap water at our schools. Imagine a company like Pepsi, which owns Aquafina, not being worried about the quality of their water. Imagine what would happen if Pepsi did have a problem with their water. Chances are, it would affect all their pop products as well.

Last time I was in high school, there was water fountains. Therefore if I wanted water, I wasn't forced to purchase it. I had the option of drinking from the fountain or buying a bottle.

I find it completely ironic that the "Council of Canadians" are saying ban public water from high schools. What would happen if a school banned bottled water and ended up under a boil order. Would Leo and his group suggest students buy pop? I think not.

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