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Me Drinking Milk = Lots of Calories!

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Today I started making some changes to my drinking patterns.

On a average week, I drink anywhere from 12-16 litres of 1% milk. Every 250ml has 110 calories in it, which I wasn't aware of until lately. That's 5280-7040 calories per week from milk, almost half the amount I am suppose to limit myself per week.

While I am not fat, or real skinny either, I have decided to drink skim milk instead of the 1% which will cut down my calorie intake to 80 calories per 250ml of milk. That will cut back my calories from my milk intake by ~35%, which is a lot for simply switching to skim milk.

Today was my first day on skim milk and I didn't do so well, I ended up drinking the full 4 litres today!

Who knew milk could be the cause of so many calories and if it wasn't for my wonderful nurse/girlfriend I'd still not know.

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