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Haircut with Betty

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I just finished getting a haircut with Betty. Betty works at Hairroin Salon in Banff. I was looking to get a haircut done early on Saturday morning before myself and Amanda proceeded to enjoy our day.

Upon entering the Salon, the lady said she had no appointments until later in the afternoon, which are $30. I told her I was looking for something sooner and her response was, "well Betty can do it". The tone of her voice definately made it sound like Betty was not someone who should be in the hair cutting business. In fact, it was more of a discouragement to try and convince me not to allow Betty to cut my hair. With Betty only a few feet away I was kinda shocked but thought at the same time, least shes being honest!

Sure enough Betty cut my hair. Of course I was smart and just got a buzz cut. At the same time I saved $14 by allowing Betty to cut my hair.

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