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Bounce Rate, what does it mean for you?

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The bounce rate of your website is dependent upon numerous factors based on your website. How enticing your site is to encourage the user to click on another page. A similar situation would be a restaurant. If clients walk up to the door of your restaurant and says ick and leaves before they actually sat down then you know you are doing something wrong.

For instance if you search for " contact" and click the " - Contact Us" page in google, you will obviously be brought to the contact us page on our website.

If you decide to click on another link while you are on the - Contact Us webpage, it will lower the bounce rate.

Another example is, if you come and read this article and then immediately leave the site, it will increase my bounce rate (so visit other pages too!).

However if you decide to leave after viewing just one webpage, i.e. the contact us webpage, then it will count as 100% bounce rate.

The more pages that a single user visits on your webpage, the lower the bounce rate will be.

So, a high bounce rate is bad and a low bounce rate is good.

For years, it has been that it is not just your index page that matters, i.e. All the pages on your website matter even the contact us page. If the contact us page is the first page a visitor clicks on, and it is boring then they will end up immediately leaving your site which hurts your bounce rate.

The goal for the longest time has been that you want someone who will visit your webpage and go through your webpages to see what you have.

While the bounce rate will depend on the industry you are in, having one below 20% is apparently "really hard to get", according to wikipedia, a online dictionary anybody can change.

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