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What's Going On In Montague?

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Montague, a small beautiful town east of Charlottetown, seems to be having its moments lately. I read in Wednesday Guardian about how the town had purchased 7 desktop computers for a sum of $5,000. When I had read it, I thought wow, they must be doing an awful lot of work with those laptops.

Two weeks ago my sister called me from Halifax and was in the process of buying a laptop. She got a nice laptop for $500 including an extended warranty. My sister is probably an average user. She can go on the computer, install programs and such but mainly uses it for typing on MSN or Facebook. And probably the odd movie.

Meanwhile, Montague purchased 7 used computers for an average price of $700. If the computers were new, it'd be a bit closer to a fair price however I can't imagine any of the councilors in Montague needing too high end of computers as I doubt the councilors are using their publicly paid for computers for items that require large amounts of processing time.

And now in todays The Guardian, this! The first municipal mutiny in 30 years!

Maybe Thursday I'll find out what the deal is at the Eastern Prince Edward Island Chamber of Commerce Board meeting, which the board has invited to attend.

The Town Of Montague has also released its new website in mid-January. This tender was the first and only government tender I have bid on due to my relatives in the area and love for that area as well. Although morriscode was in the average range of most bidders, we lost because the winner was "substantially lower" then the average.

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