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Charlottetown Police Services

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The report on the Charlottetown City police is out. It's a shame that we had to result to paying a third party to come in and tell us what is wrong with our city's police force. In my opinion it becomes obvious as to which sergeants are working as at times it seems there is a greater police presence then others.

It's great the moral of our city's finest is so high, but with the recent pictures from the city's downtown firehall being sent around, I wonder if the city police have a topless girl walking around their detachment too.

Now's the real test for Rob Lantz. Will the city actually do anything about the latest report. We've had "crackdown" after "crackdown" yet nothing is ever done. I wonder how many fine's have been given out for lack of bicycle helmets being worn?

I guess the real question will be, is the mayor keeping the city police close to his heart and overseeing any and everything that goes on or does the councilor responsible for our police department actually have control of it. Bruce Garrity used to be a good councilor but as time went on it became obvious he started selling out.

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