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The FYI Motors website is a backend driven website that allows FYI Motors to save hundreds of dollars a year.

They wanted a administration system that allows them to update their website on their own. They are a successful car company and don't want to have to contact us a couple times a week to mark a car as sold, or remove a sold car from their website. This only leads to more bills. So they wanted a system that would allow them to do it all on their own.

Now they can go in and add cars, remove cars or modify them whenever and wherever they wish (assuming they have an internet connection). They could even use a Blackberry to do it. By adding the ability for them to do this, they save money on the basic site updates. They do not have to worry about paying someone to make changes which is a huge plus. On the same note, they don't have to be techgeeks to figure out how to update their site.

For a lot of local car companies, a lot used to be with the PEI Auto website, which is a great idea. Makes finding the car for you easy. But not so easy for the dealers.

If FYI Motors brought in a new car today, they must wait for the PEI Auto team to come around take the photo and then update the car listing on PEI Auto's website. This happens once a week to once a month. The cost of doing this is $5 per car per month, that it remains on the site. Sure, it's not much per car but when you multiply that by 10-12 cars, thats $60-$70 a month that a smaller car dealer is paying for when they could be doing it for nothing. But when it comes to a company like Kia that might have 60-70 cars, it adds up to be $300-$350 a month. Multiply this over the course of a year and for a smaller dealer its going to cost $720 or for the bigger dealer $3,600.

At $3,600 a year it would be cheaper for the bigger car dealer to purchase a brand new website every year. Most car companies only update their site design once every few years. Therefore they are looking at major savings by having their own custom backend system.

FYI Motors also wanted something that depicted Stratford, in the Summertime. A photo that people would easily recognize and say, "they are in Stratford". The client also wanted the site to contain Summer images and not winter pictures. Sounds easy? Almost, but not really when it's winter time.

However for us, it was simple as we have a major gallery for PEI photos that we have taken and use on our sites.

FYI Motors wanted their website done by February and we're starting talking in November. Not exactly a great month to take Summer photos in. Thankfully, due to a large collection of images that I have of PEI (16GB) I had pictures of the exact area where FYI Motors is located.

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