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Charlottetown Convention Center This Year, The Bypass Next. Here's Why!

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The City of Charlottetown and the Province of Prince Edward Island want to bring a convention center to Charlottetown's downtown core. They want to put it where the Coast Guard currently sits.

The problem is, the city risks loosing the Coast Guard.

So what options do we have?

They could build a really small dock between the Founders Hall and the water. In the parking lot there but that won't work because it will block the water view of the downtown residents (who currently have to imagine what a water view looks like because they can't see through Founders Hall.
But that area's been claimed for the new marina and is too small anyway.

Another area is where the marina used to be by Peakes. But that won't work because it will look ugly with all the touristy things near by and it'd block the view of the water.

Anywhere else and the mayor has a big problem. A few downtown residents were in strong opposition to the idea of building condominiums in the parking lot at the end of Prince St because it would block a view they never had in the first place which council voting strongly against doing in 2008.

Another option would be for the Coast Guard to move to the new downtown Stratford, which would be astronomical to do $$$ wise.

Or pack up and go up to Summerside which Clifford Lee wouldn't be too happy with.

Instead of all this moving around, the Coast Guard should tell the city we're not moving and force the city to find a new location. After all, the Yacht Club location is only one block west. This would also have a nice view and save the Coast Guard the hassle of moving.

Or what about the parking lots on the end of Prince Street where the condominiums were proposed but rejected. A lot of room there for a conference center and maybe we can entice a developer to build a hotel on the corner of Water St and Prince.

With all the development talk for the downtown waterfront, the mayor is going to have some questions from residents who will no doubt be pissed that their water view (a block or two away from the water) is being disturbed.

With all this development, it's only a matter of time but with a election coming up next November, I have little doubt it will all be onhold until after the election. Afterall, when it comes down to doing the city some good vs pissing a few people off, the city will be the one cringing for those votes.

Therefore, we'll no doubt be seeing the bypass as the major provincial government project that's been discussed in the news and the convention center next year. After Clifford is re-elected.

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