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As other countries experience problems like bombing of schools, constant fighting, genocide and other extreme acts of violence I often think about how spoiled we are as Canadians to live in a safe country compared to others. I for one am happy I do not have to plea to our government for my life like Beverly Giesbrecht of Vancouver does. The journalist traveled to the very unstable region of Northern Afghanistan from West Vancouver to work on a documentary on what she felt was the real situation in Afghanistan.

She felt our mainstream media wasn't showing Afghanistan for what it is and went over to prove the others wrong. As a result, she is on death row to loose her head.

While I hope that Ms. Giesbrecht makes it back to Canada alive, I just hope others will take a second or two and think about what they are really putting on the line when they travel to such violent places. I also hope our Canadian government has some sort of secret force setup to go in and recapture this lady.

I also wish some people will realize that we as Canadians are very fortunate to live in a free and safe country and to stop taking everything for granted. Even with the bad news of the economy we are far better off then other humans beings living in other not so fortunate countries.

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