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The Globe World Flavours On Victoria Row

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There has been a lot of work on Victoria Row this winter as Steven Barber and his team open up a second restaurant. The restaurant will be replacing the old Brennan's Pub & Eatery which wasn't in good shape.

I give Steve a lot of credit for what he's done with Hunter's Ale House and I hope it pours overs into Globe World Flavours on Victoria Row.

Steve has provided me a draft version of the new global menu. The restaurant will feature different menu options from different parts of the world such as the basic Fish & Chips or Hamburger. But will also feature specialties like an Italian Melt, Korma (Curry), Pad Thai (shrimp or scallop), English Onion Soup, PEI Potato Vodka & Lime Mussels, Bruschetta or a choice of 6 different salads.

Steve has built his menu in conjunction with a list of items that members from PEIinfo have posted. My personal favorite on his drafted menu is the Chicago Pizza. While he doesn't have a description on this draft, I do hope it is the same as the Brennan's Pub & Eatery Pizza. The 2-3 times I was there, I really enjoyed their pizza.

Globe World Flavours

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