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For the past few months, I have been working on a answer to the headache of schedule management for employees and employers. For most islanders, they receive their scheduling information off a piece of paper posted on a weekly/bi-weekly basis.

To exchange shifts, you are typically required to fill out a form signed by both employees who had to meet to complete the form. The they were to give it to their supervisors who then approve or deny shifts. For others, they are able to exchange shifts on their own with no approval process. Same idea, goes for time off. Fill out the paper work and submit it to your supervisor for approval.

WorkTable changes all this. It assists in making the world a greener place by eliminating all the paper required to exchange shifts or take time off. It also saves companies times as it eliminates phone calls or visits (which cuts down on gas use) from employees asking when they work next.

WorkTable is an online schedule management system where employees can go to check out their work schedule, as well as exchange shifts, and request time off.

Employers will benefit by being able to easily run customized reports on employees, over a given period of time as selected by the supervisor/manager. This helps make payroll easy and effective.

The WorkTable system also gives companies easy access to communicate updates or staffing memo's to employees through announcements and private messages. The system also provides managers and supervisors an easy to access list of who is currently working right now and who is coming on later today or tomorrow.

For employees who wish to be reminded of upcoming shifts, WorkTable sends a text message to their cell phone or email to remind them the day prior that they are working.

Using text messaging or email technology, the system allows employers to easily connect with employees on an instant basis, as opposed to the back and fourth of leaving voice mails.

Sounds like a lot isn't it? This is just a preview of what WorkTable can do for a business. Wanna know more or checkout the demo? Visit!

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