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Let's Start The Bidding | Chrissy Sawyer Fund raiser

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Maureen Kerr has been through a lot over the last couple years and I'm surprised at how she does it. I won't get into the details about what she's been through but she is helping with a fund raising campaign for her good friend (Chrissy Sawyer) daughter. Chrissy lost her battle with breast cancer last month and people are raising money to help with an education fund for Chrissy's daughter.

In 2006, Chrissy had lost both her parents within a couple months of one another and would later (in 07) give birth to her daughter, Claire. In January of 2008, Chrissy would end up finding out she was diagnosed with cancer and end up fighting a lengthy battle. Things started to go back up hill with her slowly but she was winning the battle against cancer. Sadly that all came to a crashing halt when Chrissy found out she has weeks to live. With her daughters birthday being in January, she lived to see Claire's second birthday but in February Chrissy past away.

Maureen is taking donations of gifts for a fundraiser for Claire. One of the items being donated in support of the fundraiser is from Maureen's son, Jakob. Jakob, whose 9, has been selling his paintings at fundraisers for the past 2 years. This will be his third painting. The first one fetched a $90 bid, while the second one (at Chrissy's benefit last year) fetched an even higher bid of $250 for a painting of the penguin named Ted. Last year's benefit for Chrissy was extremely fun and I myself had a good time bidding up some of the prizes. I ended up being the winner on a few hotel nights, massage's, and gas cards.

I ask those who can help out to do so, whether it be via making bids, donating $$$ or donating gifts so people can bid on those gifts.

I will be donating and hopefully bidding this year and I hope you do too! It doesn't need to be something big (mind you, the bigger the better) but something as small as the opportunity to have lunch with some of you readers, would be a huge thing. Afterall, it's for Claire who will only have memories of her mom from what she hears from Chrissy's friends.

To donate a gift, cash or make a bid, you can give Maureen Kerr a call at 388-1800 or leave a comment on her blog.

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