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Let's Use The Roundabout Option | They Will Help Fight Some Of Our Cities Problems

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Roundabout's are great to have placed through the city because they make things more efficient for the residents of the town. Anyone who travels through Mt. Edward Road and Allen St. know that those lights will change willy nilly because they are on a timer and the time has run out for the particular lane of traffic to proceed. The cost of such intersections is more then most people actually realize.

Residents of these area's should be happy to see roundabouts since it will slow down those who speed through the red lights. It will also help fight any Island traffic backups that we have which will make it easier for those Islanders to get our of their driveways.

On PEI, we have no major industry polluters like the big manufacturing plants like in Ontario but our different forms of government's are looking at ways to reduce the green house gases that are destroying our planet.

When proceeding with any development on PEI, an environmental impact study has to be completed. Was one ever done on the affects of having so many intersections or stop signs throughout Charlottetown? If an environmental impact study was done, I am sure it would show that the amount of idling at that particular intersection isn't helping the environment. But most people aren't concerned about the affect on the environment unless it immediately affects them which is where people get it wrong because it does affect their pocketbooks. While the cars are idling at said intersections (like the horribly done intersection as Capital Drive & University Avenue), it is costing the driver fuel to keep the engine running and even more so by using more fuel to get their vehicle moving again. So it does affect Islanders directly and merely wastes gas as well as hurts the environment.

There is obviously also a cost to provide the lights at that intersection with power which is costing our city money when it doesn't need to be and what about the maintenance fee's for repairing our city loved traffic lights? I hate to see that bill every time something goes wrong or not to mention the frustration that drivers have when the lights fail due to things like a power outage.

I think it is time our city took a giant step forward and starting looking at using more and more roundabouts like they do down under in Australia. Not only will this cut down on those running red lights, it will make our streets safer (as per the Institute of Transportation Engineers report in 2007). as vehicles do need to slow down when going around the roundabout. Whereas some Islanders now will speed up to make sure they make it through the green or amber light. By slowing the traffic down, this will also assist our city police minimally in their efforts to cut down the number of speeders in our city as we wouldn't have as many speeders speeding through the traffic lights.

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