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Trash & Our City Streets | A Solution?

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I've been walking everywhere I go lately, except for a recent trip down to Montague for a Board of Directors meeting for the Eastern PEI Chamber of Commerce.

And while I have noticed more trash throughout our city streets, I have also been noticing a reason why we are seeing so much litter on our city streets. There are no garbage cans! Alright, maybe I don't mean none. But I do mean our city lacks garbage cans to place our trash into if it wishes to take action on the amount of trash blowing around.

Trash Cans On Monday, I ended up walking up by the Metro Credit Union on University Avenue to pickup an item. I started out by stopping at downtown convenience to get a bag of ketchup chips and a pop. I noticed that on Queen st from Water to the Confederation Centre of the Arts that there is a lot of city provided garbage cans. However, if I was to head north on Great George St, I would notice next to no garbage cans.

In some cases, there are two trash cans at the same intersection however if I traveled east of Queen St on Grafton there are practically no trash cans besides at Province House.

Walking down University Avenue and East on Euston St, I ended up carrying my trash with me until I came across the first trash can, which was around Ken's Corner.

While it is not the city's fault for people littering, we must encourage people to use the trash cans by providing them with trash cans. Most people wouldn't carry their trash around with them so if the city wishes to combat our trash problem, perhaps more trash cans can be purchased and spread out throughout the city to encourage the use of trash cans instead of just placing multiple trash cans in one spot or central area.

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