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Don't Release The PNP List

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Good job Allan Campbell. Releasing the list of those who received PNP funding isn't needed. It's not really anyone's businesses as to who exactly received PNP funding and it will hurt businesses that did receive the money. Afterall, we do live on a small Island where people will talk and end up putting down a business because they received PNP funding (whether the business mis-used it or not!).

It is these companies are now responsible to their investors on how they spent the money and not the public eye.

While I did not receive any PNP funding, I am aware of numerous people who did. Some mis-used the money and spent it on things they shouldn't have, and others spent it on things such as business improvements. And while I may not agree with what was done with some of the money, it is the companies responsibility to clearly communicate what was done with the money to the shareholders.

Have I benefited from the money? No doubt. I am sure some people have been able to do website upgrades or improvements because of it. I also know that the money I have spent from those contracts went on to benefit other people as well. Afterall, the buck doesn't just stop at ones bank account, no matter how big you are.

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