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Car Problems? Joe's Used Car Saves The Day With a Tow Job

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Your driving down the street when your car stops for no apparent reason. You end up on the side of the road cursing your vehicle up down, and every which way.

When you have a bad experience at a restaurant, supposedly you tell 7 people? If your car breaks down and your stranded on the side of the road, how many people do you tell?

The person whose driving the car is no doubt unhappy about their car breaking down and will no doubt be telling people. So the car manufacturer's starting offering road side assistance since the negative comments about the car may also be followed up with, "but my GM roadside assistance came and saved the day".

Afterall, GM doesn't want people badmouthing their cars and will try and add an extra perk to bring a positive ending to the story.

But what about those who don't have roadside assistance. Maybe those who have older not under warranty cars. Tough love eh? And as a result now the driver is just bad mouthing the car with no positive point about the manufacturer.

Enter the used car dealer. All of a sudden a vehicles pulls up and someone pops out saying, having some car problems eh? Offering to drive you someplace would be one thing, but offering to have your car towed at no charge would be another.

If a used car dealer came along and got you that free tow ride then you'd be saying, oh my GM broke down by someone from Joe's Used Cars came along and got me a tow job.

The next time your thinking about buying a car, you're going to remember your experience with Joe's Used Car, and if your car is breaking down on the side of the road, that's going to be more then likely sooner rather then later.

The cost for the used car dealer would be minimal, after all for me, I just use my CAA membership for those I see with car problems, which costs me the one time yearly fee but people often appreciate it even though it is coming from some random guy who just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

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