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Updated: Setting Up My Blackberry | What Applications I'm Using On My Curve

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Telus On April 4th, I took my Blackberry Curve into the local Telus third party dealer, GBS Communications. My 8830 would not respond when I press any of the buttons on my phone. I tried all buttons and it was a no go for anything except the track ball would move up and down. This would only work randomly though. With my warranty expiring in 2 months, I was happy it died now instead of 10 weeks from now.

Today, I received a re-manufactured Blackberry Curve from Telus that works good so far.

The first thing I did was restore a backup I had made earlier of my curve. This restored all the text messages, emails, phone numbers, Blackberry messenger contacts and settings from my other phone.

What it did not restore is the applications that were on my other phone so I had to re-download them but that wasn't a big deal. During this time, I decided to make a list of applications I use on my Blackberry. I haven't paid a cent to use any of them so they are all free.

From Orangatame comes a product called TwitterBerry which I use to update my Twitter Account.

The second application I installed was Google Mobile Sync which is used to Synchronize Google Calendar with My Blackberry Calendar.

The third stop was the Blackberry App World which was recently launched two weeks ago. Blackberry App World allowed me to download Shazam which was made popular by iPhone commercials. The idea of Shazam is the application will identify what song is currently playing by using the microphone in your Blackberry.

The last piece of software is yet to be installed. It is Opera Mini however I am re-evaluating that decision and going to be looking at other Browsers before installing Opera Mini. I'll update this post with what I end up installing.

Update:I decided to install a few different browsers. The first one I installed was the Bolt Browser which seems pretty good and fast. Not much of a wait time as the application loads.

I also installed Opera Mini which is another web browser. It takes longer to load web pages and start up so I am really iffy about it. As I used it before and am familiar with it, I figured I better have it just in case!

Telus tries to sell you a turn by turn navigational system called Telus Navigator where you pay $8.50 a month. What they don't want you to know is there is free software out there for you to use that will also help you with your GPS needs. It's called amAze which looks to be the exact same as Telus Navigator except amAze costs $102 less per year!

Lastly, to keep me up to date on news, if I want to be up to date on the news that is, I installed Maclean's Mobile which is another free piece of software!

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