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New Tourist Booths

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City Help The City of Charlottetown has put up some booths to help visitors get around our city which is an excellent idea. The booths are rather large and will make things easier for tourists to travel around. While I don't mind helping tourists it seems I am often asked numerous questions by our visiting tourists and in a few cases I had the pleasure of walking the visitors to the local establishments we had talked about.

I sometimes wondered if it would be worth it for a private establishment to hire someone to walk the streets in the summer to promote their establishment by helping tourists and guiding them on their ways. Maybe if the new booths featured some sort of screen so video's or advertisements can be displayed and the city might be able to make a few bucks off these new booths by dedicating a small area of the booth to a running advertisement.

I would personally also like to see an events part to these booths so even locals will be interested in looking at them to find out about upcoming events!

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