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Too Many Concerts This Year To Blame For Lack Of Ticket Sales

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This year must be a record setting year for the maritime provinces. With 10 major music acts coming to our provinces, the 2 million maritimer’s have a lot of options as to which band they want to go see.

The question is, can a population of 2 million people support the 10 acts? With the Festival of Lights struggling with their numbers, as well as both the new Virgin Mobile Halifax concert and the new Cavendish Beach Music Festival, I am not sure we will be seeing the big major concerts we have this year.

These acts are always a great thing to have as the host city as it always gives a boosts to the local economy as people come from neighboring provinces help generate tourism dollars.

The 10 major acts coming to our maritime provinces are:

April 6-11 Halifax Neil Young
June 19-21 Fredericton Black Crowes, Live
June 27 Moncton Bon Jovi
July 3-4 Charlottetown Festival of Lights (6 bands)
July 4th Halifax The Tragically Hip/The OffSpring
July 10-12 Cavendish Tim McGraw, Reba McEntire
July 11 Halifax Paul MacCartney
July 17 Summerside Beach Boys
July 18 Halifax Kiss
August 6 Moncton ACDC

July 3/09 UPDATE: It has just been announced the Tragically Hip will not be performing at the Halifax concert tomorrow July 4th!

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