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A Look Into Social Media: Facebook

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I am sure if you are reading this, you have heard of Facebook. Facebook is a online tool that allows you to connect with other users. Facebook allows you to add friends and such to connect with other users.

Facebook is the envy of most internet companies including Google. Facebook was able to succeed in something other websites weren't able too, and that is to get really specific user information. As opposed to the "World Wild Web", Facebook connected everyone on a real name/person basis as opposed to John Doe who visits Google and searches for anything

Looking at my Facebook profile, Facebook knows what city I live in, my birthday, my relationship status, what I am "looking for", where my hometown is, what religion I am, activities I like, my interest, music, tv shows, movies, my favorite quotes, how private of an individual I am, my email addresses, cell phone numbers, blackberry messenger PIN, what education I have as well as what degrees I am going for. The site also knows what University I am in, and the high school I graduated from.

That's a lot of information and while some people may not be comfortable giving it out, I am as the only people who can see it all are friends and I only accept friends requests from people I actually know won't misuse the information.

But on the flip side of all this information, Facebook advertisers can target specific audiences with their ads. You can narrow your Facebook ads down to a specific city and only targeting certain age groups.

Facebook groups were initially created to simply allow people to create groups. Anyone can create a group and invite people into them, but then Facebook realized that there needs to be something else so they came up with a Facebook fanpage. This allows people to stay more connected with others who may not be close like a friend but still allows people to feel in touch with a specific thing. It also allowed Facebook fanpages to reflect a Facebook profile.

One of the reasons Facebook became so successful so fast was that Facebook released an API and invited programmers to developer their own applications within Facebook. This assisted in increasing the amount of people who were interested in making Facebook a success. Developers jumped on board and created ways that Facebook users can interact and play against each other. Numerous games were created and quickly took off. We created an application for WorkTable to allow people to view their schedules on Facebook.

With 225 million users and only $500 million in revenue, Facebook will no doubt be taking off financially over the next few years.

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