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How I Start My Day

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The first few processes on my computer always seem to be the same.

The applications that load on startup are Skype, Google Chat/Adium, and MacMail (Mac).

The first thing I do everytime I boot up the computer to start the day is to open up my Firefox. When Firefox is loaded it autoloads PEIinfo so I can check both The Guardian & CBC News at the same time, click on any stories that may interest me and read the news.

The next thing I do is pop into my email program (MacMail or Thunderbird for my Windows PC). Go through my emails. Any emails which require me to schedule myself to be someplace, I will either go into Google Calendar to mark it on my calendar or use Thunderbird's Lightning to mark it in. This way, my schedule is synchronized to my Blackberry to stay on track!

The next step I do is pop over to Twitter to see what people are Tweeting about, and pop into Facebook to see what my friends are updating.

Depending on my schedule, if I have nothing planned, I will pop into CODA (Mac) or Notepad++ (Windows).

Around noon, I will pop onto Skype to see who is on, then also pop into iChat/Google Chat to make lunch plans. At the same time, popping into Facebook & Twitter to check any updates.

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