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An Overview Of Development in Charlottetown

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Charlottetown is going through a pretty fascinating growth spurt. If you look at the projects that are up and coming, there's a lot happening in our small city.

The 10 story Homburg Hotel is making some major progress with the base being put in. The tunnel from the Confederation Centre of the Arts to the Confederation Court Mall is also being setup. This is part of Homburg's $45 million dollar investment into Charlottetown.

The 8 story Fitzroy office building should be opening soon. It started off being 7 stories however they changed it to 8 to satisfy the local city council. Also part of Homburg's $45 million dollar project.

Remember the old kays building? Seems construction is coming along nice on the new 3 story Queen street townhouses.

The 3 story Hillsborough Condo's are progressing nicely.

Charlottetown is starting to make a plan for the gateway to the city.

Tim Bank's APM is trying to get a new $22 million dollar hotel down in my neighborhood. It's named Welsh-Owen Hotel and Plaza Development.

Holland College is spending $40 million expanding onto another block on Cumberland/Grafton.

The QEH $56 million dollar expansion is in mid-phase I believe.

PlazaCorp's recent announcement on a new proposed mall on the North end of the city was approved recently. At the same time, PlazaCorp recently started offering of $20 million 7.5% convertible debentures.

Almost across the street, Peter Pan will be redeveloped.

The new shoppers drug mart downtown is open.

Co-Op Grocery store recently announced they will be doing a $700,00 overhaul of their grocery store.

Our city will have 3-4 new roundabouts and the our provincial government is expanding riverside drive, or the bypass, to 4 lanes. The city is also expanding University Avenue to 4 lanes.

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