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The QSC Social Media Course

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As a member (and board member) of the Queen Street Commons, I have been asked to put on a presentation on social media. I am not one who puts on many presentations or training sessions but my motivation for this is a double edged sword.

Firstly, the Queen Street Commons is based around the exact same idea as social media. A community. Social media is a community. The idea behind the Queen Street Commons is to build a community of entrepreneurs. They are so a like, we may as well change the name from Queen Street Commons to The Social Commons.

In effort to grow our Social Commons or the Queen Street Commons, we're going to put on a series of workshops that will help people better understand a few subjects. My subject will be: social media.

Surprised? Probably not. Whose kidding who here. Most people reading this probably know me through a social media community whether it be the Tweetups, Twitter, Facebook or PEIinfo.

Secondly, most social media training sessions are dull and boring. Usually the same information being spout out by each trainer with small variations. Most go too far into the software aspect. Save the time...use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck or socialscope or the iPhone App (Wanna learn what software I use? Go here).

I promise, I won't do that. Honestly, it doesn't matter if your using one tool over another. The key isn't that you sent a tweet using Tweetdeck, or that you scheduled a Facebook message with Hootsuite. The key is you delivered the message. Wanna learn the software? Take another course. There's lots of software you can use and they're all boring and do the same ol' things. Honestly, I consider that stuff dead air fillers instructors use for intermediate courses.

Ya wanna learn the key to social media? Take my course. We'll talk about what you should or could do and when you should do it. Timing is everything and while the time for this course is still weeks away, it'll fill up fast like they always do so be sure to signup early.

So, what is the cost to take this course? It's a steal of a deal. $5. Yep, FIVE dollars. And that's only if your not a member of the Queen Street Commons. But better yet, I am gonna sweeten up the offer. If your not a member of the Queen Street Commons and you spend the $5 on the course, I will guarantee I will teach you something new within this course that you've never been taught before. If not, I'll pay you your $5 back out of my own pocket (The $5 per person cost goes towards the Commons, not me).

How do I signup? Pop on over to the Commons website, there is a signup form. Hope to see you there!

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