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iPad Honeymoon Over

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Apple LogoI've told all kinds of people what I like about the iPad, but I haven't told them what I dislike about it. In other words, the honey moon is over Apple.

I've had the iPad for about three weeks now and still really like it and how it works, but the honeymoon is coming to an end and I am noticing more and more things that I just shake my head at.

For instance, I wasn't too surprised when I couldn't connect via bluetooth to my Blackberry. For those who want to see the video version, watch it on Youtube. Apple has made pairing their iPad to a Blackberry impossible to due the fact their releasing a 3G model. This is very concerning as Apple is removing Bluetooth capabilities. Sure, I understand it might be to protect the profits but still, companies shouldn't be limiting standards such as bluetooth. I understand there is a work-around if you jailbreak the iPad but I haven't looked into jailbreaking enough to even consider it.

Another bluetooth issue, and this is moreso a Skype issue, is that Skype on the iPad won't allow me to use my bluetooth Motorola S9-HD headset when talking on Skype. I could carry my iPad and a bluetooth headset and always have access to a phone, in the event WIFI is available. That'd be super sweet.

Apple has also removed all WIFI Scanners from their apps list. You can't download any WIFI Scanners via the App store which makes the iPad less useful when troubleshooting a WIFI connection. Right now the only way I know to download things for my iPad is through the iTunes App Store which is another kick in the pants.

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