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Telus Blackberry Curve GPS Problem And Fix!

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In the past 24 hours, my phone has taken a major jump in value as I have found out that Telus does intentionally block your access to the GPS settings in your phone.

The Telus Blackberry Curve 8330 page emphasis that the phone does have Built-in GPS and Blackberry Maps however the only way you can get GPS working consistently is to buy the Telus Navigator software for $10 a month. When I downgraded the software on my phone, I noticed I did have access to GPS but it was still slow and not nearly as fast or accurate as the demo phone, HTC Dream.

Thanks to a guide put out on the website, you can actually get around this and enable GPS on your phone. It requires some basic work but it enables you to have GPS settings like Autonomous on your phone which helps make your GPS more accurate and fast.

Telus Blocks GPS

By default, Telus only enables 1 GPS option out of 8 when are are not paying $10 a month for the Telus Navigator. That setting is called "Assistance-Spherical" so I checked the rest as per the the in the above PDF. After doing this and rebooting, my phones GPS started to work extremely fast and inside buildings (before a message came up saying GPS needs to see the sky).

If I was to compare my phone to the Rogers HTC Dream today, I think they would both be on par when it comes to speed. As you will recall, the Rogers HTC Dream's GPS features worked wonders.

Today as an experiement I tried to compare the speed of my phone to the speed of other Blackberry Curve's when it comes to using the GPS function. Then I put my Curve next to a Blackberry Storm and my Curve was still a lot faster at loading anything GPS related, I was amazed and happy that I could actually use my phone like I have wanted too.

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