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Update: Dear Island East. Hypocrite Much?

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I just finished reading in the Eastern Graphic how Island East selected HeadSpace Design of Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am sure Headspace Design is capable of doing the job but that's not the point. Throughout the article it was saying how Island East wasn't happy with the previous Island company that did their website. They said that the company, based in Charlottetown, did not develop an easy to use website and that was one reason they selected Headspace Design. A few paragraphs later, the article goes onto read the "Goal is for the website to increase economic development in Eastern PEI."

Everyone remembers the outcry of comments when Brooke MacMillan brought in a vehicle from the states when he was responsible for increasing the economic development on PEI as deputy minister of Development and Technology.

Now we have a organization whose goal is to "increase the economic development of Eastern PEI" going outside PEI's border to have a website developed. This kind of reminds me of Serge Savard's comments when the Rocket came to PEI where Serge made the comment that no Island web development companies were capable of building the PEI Rocket website. And we all know how far Serge got with those comments.

How can an organization pride itself with increasing the economy yet when it comes to them doing their role, they go off Island? Stuff like this grinds my gears, especially when its coming from an organization whose role is to help increase the economy in a certain region.

There are certainly lots of development firms in Eastern PEI who are capable of building such a site and lots more firms on PEI who are very capable.

Stuff like this really grinds my gears and disgusts me. How can an organization whose goal is to increase economic development in Eastern PEI do a 360 and do the opposite of their goal? Theres a saying that also comes to mind, "Do as I say and not as I do?"

And for full disclosure, no I had no idea that Island East was even looking for a new website nor was involved in any of the process for them getting a new website.

Oct 3rd Update:I was just sent an interesting alternative article that I didn't see before. It is on Island East's decision to select an off island company. In this article, actual stats are told which help make things easier to understand how much thought Island East actually put into selecting an on-island company.

Island East Tourism sent out 28 requests for proposals to web design companies in the Atlantic region, and 11 companies responded. At least two Island companies, Technomedia and Fresh Media, both from Charlottetown, bid on the project.

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