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Bell Aliant Call Centers Closing

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On Thursday it was announced that Bell/Aliant will be closing 11 call centers due to decreased demand and because more people are switching to online payments.

The logic is pretty clear, for a company like Aliant having a call center with 5-20 staff is pretty in-efficient. That's a no-brainer.

While I don't consider that a bad move, I do consider this logic of closing the call centers because of more online payments a bad one. Just today I was with someone who was trying to make a payment over the phone for his cell phone bill. He tried to call into Aliant and it certainly wasn't the easiest experience getting ahold of a human being which leads me to believe that reason more people are making the online payments is because it is getting tougher to get ahold of someone thanks to their bad phone system.

The person who was trying to pay his bill ended up going into Aliant's office in Charlottetown where they gave him some tips/secrets to by-passing the complicated system.

While I am for online payments and such, I am not for making things hard for your customers and forcing them to online payments.

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