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Introducing TypeTexter - The Mass Communication Tool

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Earlier this year, the PEI Rocket came to me looking for a easy way to communicate with their players and billets. In the event that the Rocket wanted to extend their players curfew, they needed an easy way to send a message to all the players and the billets so they are aware of the new curfew.

Another scenario was that if the team wanted to cancel a practice for what ever reason, it involved calling the 20 players up to notify them of the cancellation.

Enter TypeTexter. The Rocket management could login to TypeTexter and send a mass text message to anyone who is within their groups. They could create their own custom groups and add, modify or delete who is in them through a secure system.

TypeTexter is an easy way to send a message out to users really quickly.

With the API, you can have people sign up for specific groups via your website. Then, if your company has a slow day and needs a quick way to send a message to your customers such as, "Golf today for 20% off!", this makes it quick and easy.

Now when people think of text messaging, they think cell phones. But now-a-days, you can also send and receive text messages via landline. As such, this feature will also work on normal landline phones.

Check it out at

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