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Life Goal Accomplished: Writing for A Magazine

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If you haven't heard by now from me telling you, I've written my first paid article for a magazine! I've always had a goal in life to write for some sort of magazine. And when the opportunity to write for a regional business magazine came knocking over Twitter, I jumped in with both feet.

I started my first paid article a couple months back in January. I went out and interviewed numerous people from TIAPEI and Tourism PEI. I thought a general overview on tourism on PEI would hit the spot.

After hours of interviews, voice notes on my Blackberry and scribbling notes, I started to write on Tourism in general. After I finished writing, I realized what I had was garbage. I spoke with Teresa Wright from The Guardian who was a huge help and gave me a lot of direction on writing this article. She helped nudge me in the direction of writing on Culinary Tourism and I was off to the races again.

So out I went, interviewed Lisa Cameron from Globe World Flavours, the chef from Chocolate Elements, TIAPEI, and Kevin Murphy from TAC. All were extremely awesome to interview and helpful.

I ended up reading over all my notes and listening to all the recorded conversations on my Blackberry before sitting down to do my second rough copy. I sat down and just wrote. It wasn't a chore like writing a high school report, it was fun and exciting.

The article was published in the latest Atlantic Business Magazine and is available on their website titled, "What's cooking, good looking?".

A huge thanks to local reporter Teresa Wright, Dawn Chafe of Atlantic Business Magazine for the opportunity and to everyone I interviewed! It was a fun experience and I hope they invite me to write again.

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