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A few days in with my iPad

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Thursday morning I received my iPad from a friend who just returned from the United States. He was over a week prior and purchased a few and ended up showing me his. I really enjoyed it and seen a few opportunities which would allow me to integrate it into my daily routines and make things a bit easier.

So Thursday morning, I was up bright and early to receive it. Played around with it while we headed to Moncton for the car auctions.

On the way over, I attempted to pair the iPad with my Blackberry to use my Blackberry Curve's internet connection to surf. I had done this similar setup with my MAC laptop this past Christmas while staying at my parents and it worked great.

Sadly, I couldn't get the Blackberry to pair with my iPad. Thinking it might be my Blackberry, I tried it with a friends Blackberry and it had the same issues.

I googled it and didn't find any good answers. I ended up pairing my iPad with my Blackberry Bluetooth headset without any issues.

The morning auction didn't have WIFI but the afternoon one did, therefore I could connect to it and we were flying with more data then most car dealers were able to bring up. Having the knowledge of current market retail rates is obviously a major help when you have seconds to minutes before a car goes through an auction.

Standing outside and using Google Maps, the iPad performed great and showed what direction we were walking in through GPS. The GPS feature was one that caught my eye last week when I was playing with my friends.

Moving onto Friday, I was presenting a client with a walk through of his website. We connected to their wifi connection and went through the whole site with the iPad. The touch screen really made things easy to work with and it was pretty slick. I ended up bringing it to two more meetings on Friday where I used it to display some previous work I've done. It was an extremely easy and light weight device which made it super slick.

Now so far, everythings been pretty good. But the iPad isn't all that and a bag of chips. It lacks some serious features which one would expect Apple to deliver on.

Everyone would expect running flash on the iPad wouldn't be an issue, but Apple seems to have blocked any chance at Adobe putting Flash on the iPad. With a lot of web applications currently requiring flash, I think this is a big mistake Apple is making. Some have speculated that the big reason they are doing this is to help build their revenues.

The iPad does not feature any USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports. USB is everywhere and on a lot of devices. I was thinking there would be a let one that would allow you to charge the device however that is not the case.

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