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Youtube as a Teaching Tool

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My last semester at the University of Prince Edward Island I was taking a Mathematical Economics course. We were taught all kinds of crazy and awesome mathematical equations.

As with most my math courses, I struggled. Between writing all the notes down and understanding it all, I was blown away.

Then at night I would come home and read this really horribly written text book which didn't help.

I needed a new way to learn, a new way to understand. One part I struggled with was the Definite Integral. I went to extra math help and got some help with some other equations but I wasn't always available when the math help was open. I needed another way. I hired a tutor which in the end seemed like we reviewed things very similarly to how we went over them in class. This didn't work.

Determined to pass, I went to google and typed in one of my mathematical equations and sure enough a video from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) came up. The youtube video was of a class being taught the particular equation. I was curious to find out what else is out there. So sure enough I went to youtube and typed in a couple equations and voila. Awesome explanations of how to solve the mathematical equations I struggled with.

The youtube user patrickJMT offered easy to understand videos which I watched and learnt how to do the said equations.

Heres an example:

My exam scores increased big time. Things were no longer difficult and thanks to youtube and patrickJMT it helped me understand math.

So, if you are struggling with math problems, checkout Youtube. They got a lot of great step by step directions on how to solve different problems. Don't get discouraged if you don't understand the first or second video, there are some really good videos out there that do wonders.

So if your stuck on a math problem, checkout Youtube!

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