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New Farmers Market Comes to Downtown Charlottetown

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Downtown Charlottetown Inc. is planning on opening a new farmers market in the downtown core. Starting on July 4th, the Downtown Farmers Market will offer Islanders and visitors another location where Islanders can purchase local food and supplies. With the average consumer spending $32.06 at a farmers market, it is definitely a great way to help promote our local economy.

The Downtown Charlottetown Inc. press release states that it is "because of people wanting to support local producers and the growing desire to know where our food is coming from."

The plan is that the downtown Farmers Market will be once a week on Sunday's. It will go from The Clover Farm on Queen to Grafton. The press release states that the sidewalks will still be open as well as the roads won't be blocked off.

I do hope that there is enough room on the sidewalk for this new market as some of the sidewalks between those two places are pretty small.

The press release quotes Downtown Charlottetown Inc Executive Director as saying, "A downtown farmer's market will increase pedestrian traffic in the downtown, improve sales for nearby retailers and expand Sunday shopping options".

The new market will operate on Sunday's from 11am until 4pm and they have a goal of having at least 20 vendors take part in the market for 12 Sundays between July 4th and September 19th.

This new location raises some interesting questions on the new convention center as the plans for it had a large farmers market in the middle of where DFO is currently. I wounder if that project has been delayed? Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee has stated he'd love to see a new farmers market downtown as well.

That being said, the new farmers market is a welcome addition as the one on Belvedere Avenue doesn't seem to be expanding. A conversation with a vendor this week, lead me to understand that only 2-3 new vendors have been added to the Belvedere Farmers Market in the past 4-5 years.

Vendors interested in this opportunity can contacted Jason Lee @ 626-7720.

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