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Cirque du Soleil

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Tonight I had the opportunity to watch the Cirque du Soleil (Circus of the Sun) performance at the waterfront. From the moment (930PM) they started walking down Great George Street I was simply amazed. If you don't intend on attending any of the shows, I highly suggest you at least view the parade down Great George. The parade alone (which is free, starts at 930PM by Province House) will more then likely encourage you to checkout the show. The parade's about 15 minutes that ends at the entrance tot he gates to the show grounds. The parade ended up gathering a couple hundred people and will no doubt help generate a lot of interest in the shows.

By the time the show got inside the gates, I was really impressed. The costumes and props were well done. The show (an hour) takes you into a magical world which will leave your jaws on the ground. Everything about the performance was well thought out and obviously well planned.

Inside the fences, it opened things up for more acrobatics to be performed and I was equally impressed with the performance inside the fence as I was while watching the parade.

I think the Tourism Charlottetown crew is onto something huge here, especially if we could keep this a PEI only event for a few years. This is an opportunity for PEI to go beyond the normal rock concerts we are used too and I think there is a lot more potential here with this new performance then the old one. Once you see the show, you'll be amazed.

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