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City Taxi Hail A Cab Results- Mobility is King

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Can you believe I am blogging twice in 2 days? That's a record eh!

A couple months back, I wrote about the new City Taxi website. I'm sure you've heard, it has been a huge success. People are utilizing the online software and really taking to the Hail A Cab system. One of the interesting stats for myself has been the number of people who use it via Facebook, their mobile phone or just by going to the website. This is moreso a reflection as to our huge fanbase on Facebook.

So I talked to the owner and asked if I could write about the results. He said sure, just don't release any exact numbers. Less fun, but I understand.

So my question was, utilizing the Hail A Cab system, which is the most popular way to “Hail A Cab”?

Mobility is king. People prefer utilizing their mobile device to Hail a Cab. No surprise here. But here is the run down.

Again, this information is being released after the owner of City Taxi approved the release.

Mobile Website Requests45.35%
Website Requests41.69%
Facebook Requests12.95%

So what do these numbers tell us? Digging deeper into the system, I see that most people are initially using Facebook to try the system. Then when they see the usefulness of it, they are eventually switching over to the website while they are at their residence or near a computer. Then lastly, if your one of the users that are out & about, your popping on your phone for the cab ride home.

It seems after the users use it once on Facebook, they like it and jump over onto the website, bypassing Facebook.

None of this is really shocking. No one wants to go to Facebook first and then go to the City Taxi page to hail a cab. They wanna go right to the source and as such, that's what they are bringing up the website directly.

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