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Social Media In The Classroom

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The school year has started and I came home earlier this week to a note from the local school to parents. It was a typical note that is probably sent home every year. Something that wasn't on the note was a Facebook or Twitter account of the students teacher.

I mean, wouldn't it be great if parents had questions, they could ask them via Twitter or Facebook page? Imagine your kids going to Twitter or Facebook to ask a question about an assignment. At the same time, imagine finding out, via the same Twitter or Facebook account, what homework your child has?

I think for these reasons, all teachers should be accessible via Twitter or Facebook. Schools should encourage their staff to be involved and accessible via social media. This will enable parents to message the Teachers during the non 9-5 hours. Most parents work during the day and this may be tough for them to reach the teacher, so if parents could read a fanpage to keep up to date, this would be a help. Parents interacting with other parents and seeing things that other parents may have posted, thus allowing the parents to be more informed.

Imagine little Johnny is sick and missed the class. Bring up up the Facebook fanpage and you or little Johnny can read the class lesson plan that he missed that day. No need for him to be behind. Sure, Little Johnny could get the notes from a friend, but that means hes probably gonna be behind for a day.

Homework assignments could also be given out via Facebook or Twitter. Both kids and parents would have access to get updated on their youngsters classroom activities that are going on, as well as any discussions on school trips.

Yes, there would be a downside. Not all parents may have access to the internet or a computer, but the majority of the class would. As such, I don't think assignments should be given out strictly on Facebook or Twitter as this may make those who aren't connected fall behind.

Yes, Facebook & Twitter can bring benefits to the school system, and yes, I think it should be adopted into our school system.

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