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The Flip Side of The Facebook Post

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After writing my post on Facebook and how you can destroy your following online, I wanted to take a minute and follow up with the flip side of the coin as yes, there is one.

The benefit of using a Facebook profile for your Facebook presence is that you can appear to have more of a following. For instance, you could add as many people are you want and if your a business, most people will accept you as a "friend", for now. So having 2000 friends on Facebook does something a to people who break it down to numbers alone then having 1600 as yes, it is easier to friend as many people as you want on Facebook.

But if your a numbers person, your going to be more interested in the stats of how many people have read your status updates or your pictures. You will also be interested in how often someone visits your Facebook presence which is not provided on the profile level but is provided on the fanpage.

Friending businesses is still a new idea and most people are okay with it if they support the business. Eventually if businesses do this without getting booted off Facebook, you will see people on Facebook starting to removed those businesses as friends as people don't want to be constantly marketed too all the time.

Another point that should be made is that if your setup as a Facebook profile, people can send you messages right through Facebook whereas with a Facebook fanpage they can only write on your wall or contact you via another method.

Of course, none of this will really matter if Facebook decides to delete your account on you for misuse of their services and again, all the time spent on Facebook promoting your brand will be wasted.

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