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Don't Duplicate Content From Twitter to Facebook

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I've notice a new pattern forming lately as more and more people are doing so. It's annoying and it's a mistake I made years ago back in the hay-days of the beginning of Twitter.

It's linking your status. Simply put, it's annoying.

Yesterday, I started the day off reading some Tweet's. Followed along with some of them and got engaged in some discussions. After reading a bit on Twitter, I popped over onto Facebook.

A few new conversations existed within Facebook but I noticed a pattern. The tweet's I was reading were also being updated to the individual's Facebook status. Someone was live tweeting and it was updating their Facebook status as well.

So I thought, okay that's super annoying and pointless. But what the heck, I appreciate the person enough to have the individual on both.

Around lunch time, I popped back onto Twitter and then Facebook. Same idea but different person. This person was getting engaged in a conversation on Twitter and all their replies were being sent to Facebook as well. This was notifying their Facebook friends of their side of the conversation. Annoyance #2 for the day.

As you can see, there has been a pattern developing here. So I jumped on both social media platforms at supper and again, the same thing. And finally, at 1am and it's was happening again.

I've come to the conclusion that not only do I have a few (or more) of the same people on Twitter as I do on Facebook. But the point is, it's pointless to have them on both spots as I am reading the same content, twice.

More importantly then being annoying, it's a bad idea. Why? Well, as I've outlined within this post, people don't wanna read the same message all the time on the different social media platforms.

If you're tweeting all the same things you're posting on Facebook, there is no reason for someone to follow you twice. So please, disconnect the two.

One should utilize the two different networks differently. For instance, my Facebook I've posted once in the past 30 hours whereas on my Twitter, I've posted maybe 15 times?

This isn't to say that content is only valuable in one spot. It's moreso, not all content needs to be duplicated.

By having different content, it gives people a reason not only to follow me on one network, but to stay engaged in different conversations on the two different networks which is better then them not following along.

Chris MacDonald Reminds me of this beauty that allows you to selectively pick what Twitter Status' go to your Facebook. It's called, Selective Tweets and only updates your Facebook status when typing #fb.

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