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Innovative Taxi Website

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One of my most recent projects has been a basic website with a innovative twist.

The owner of City Taxi recognizes that the future relies within mobility, just as much as they experienced with the creation of mobile devices. Whereas back in the hay day, people would call a cab by using their home phone or the taxi specific phones placed within high traffic areas that don't exist as much now-a-days.

As such, we have developed an online “Hail A Cab” system which allows people to book a cab where ever they may be through mobile phones or through Facebook.

For users on a mobile device, all you need to do is bring up the website and you will be able to enter in your current location as well as your requested destination. The website allows you to request a cab in advance as well as select how many people will be entering into the cab with you.

Alternatively, you can pop onto Facebook and join the City Taxi fanpage and request a cab via Facebook. Yeppers, via Facebook you can get a cab right here in Charlottetown.

If you enter in your email address or phone number (including area code & phone provider), you will receive a message back when a cab has been dispatched to your location. This will allow people to be notified as to when their cab will arrive.

We've also purchased two U2 tickets for the upcoming show in Moncton set for July 30th. To be entered, all you need to do is like the Facebook Fanpage!

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