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Discuss Island Election Results Online!

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Looking for a spot to discuss Island politics and the election results tonight? Feel free to visit the PEIinfo Forums and discuss the election as it is rolled out across the country. We will have a blackout for the rest of Canada as only Islanders and Nova Scotian's will be able to visit the Forums. The blackout will commence at 8:30PM Atlantic Standard Time.

The Canadian Election Act states, "Results from an electoral district where polls have closed (that's us after 8:30 p.m.) are not to be transmitted to the public in an electoral district where voting is still going on (that's B.C. until 11 p.m. our time)". As such, if I limit the site to only PEI & Nova Scotia Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses we will not be violating the above law.

Much the same how CBC can black out certain area's of the Country from watching other televised shows.

By doing so, we will actually be removing others ability to access the site including some Islanders as I do not have every IP block reserved for PEI in the system. However, as more people attempt to visit the site and are blocked, I will be notified and WILL add anyone who is 100% in compliance with the law. If there is any doubt, based on your IP block, you will not be permitted.

So, please, be patient. If you can't access the site and your taken to this page, I will be notified of the rejection and will review your IP information prior to allowing you or denying you access. Upon being notified, I will review and add your IP group to the list.

P.S. In case your not aware, tonight an election in Canada is taking place and Elections Canada has rules as to who is allowed to view election results.

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