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Idea: Confederation Landing Market

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Our wharf used to be a furry of business activity back in our modern hay days. We used to have a busy vibrant wharf where a lot commercial activity was the norm and today, we've been able to maintain a part of that vibrancy through Peakes Wharf.

With cruise ship visitors having a major impact on tourism and economic growth, our city should be ready to offer as much as possible to these short term visitors. The average new cruise ship visitor spends $18.76 shopping in Charlottetown or $75 in total is pumped into our economy from cruise ship visitors.

When a cruise ship comes into port, not everyone is willing to jump off the ship and come visit our fair Island which leads me to my suggestion. Turn our oval at Confederation Landing into a market circle. The idea would be to charge artisans or businesses a fee to come setup at the market and provide them tables, much the same as Downtown Charlottetown does with their Queen Street Farmers Market. This would encourage cruise ship visitors to hop off the ship and come visit the market, after all, everyone loves a good market!

This will not only create a more vibrant city park but it will also highlight some local artisans from PEI and encourage artisans to show our uniqueness to our visitors.

This similar action plan has worked well in other Cities such as Halifax & Victoria. Both cities also have a market for artisans to market their goods to cruise ship visitors. The big difference between a city like Victoria & PEI would be that this market would only be setup on days the cruise ships come into port.

Now the downside, this may cause issue with the grass. After all, any grass or park that is prone to a lot of use will see things like the grass being less green which will hurt the look and feel. So a portion of the revenue from renting should be used to ensure the increased activity does not cost the city anything extra to maintain it.

By doing having a market down by the water, this would increase the amount of visitors to our park and give smaller artisans or vendors an opportunity to display their pride & joy to tourists and locals alike. This would also encourage visitors to Charlottetown on the cruise ships to hop off and increase the amount of money spent in our local economy.

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