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Christmas is Coming, Are YOU Ready?

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There is 4 months left till Christmas and the time to start building you e-commerce website is now. An e-commerce website will allow people to purchase products and process their credit card payments right online. Then, all you gotta do is ship out the specific product as payment was already processed through your online merchant account.

Easy right? Pretty much. But a lot of companies leave this till the last minute to start building online stores. Then, we end up launching close to Christmas and marketing gets more expensive. I prefer utilizing social media & traditional media for any launches. Its cheaper and can be more wide spread then last minute launches which can be expensive with marketing campaigns.

By building an online presence, you can start making connections through social media and have your new online store plugged in where it needs to be. After all, some people think about Christmas all year round but obviously moreso as things get closer.

Some of the things we feature, and you should too, in our e-commerce solutions include:

A Facebook Like button! This is crucial and very important around Christmas time. If I see my best friend Joe Blow saying he likes a certain item right before Christmas, ba da boom ba da bing! I know exactly what to buy him. The flip side is, other people on his or her Facebook fanpage can see it too and as such, they might buy it. But for you as someone who sells the product, this is a good thing. Oh and I don't mean a like button for your website, I mean one for every product! Don't worry, this is easy to do for any website but sounds like a big job.

A share button. Another way to suggest gift ideas to friends or share a product page you seen. Having other people share your products on their Facebook Profile or Twitter page is another method of free advertising for your website. Creating these buttons allow them to share it with others and as such, increases your coolness factor.

A Facebook Fanpage WITH Reviews. Everyone thinks having a fanpage is the latest thing. Well, it is. But almost everyone has a fanpage so you need a way to stick out. Which means more? Having a review via Facebook or having some text on your site which is from a client review. The fanpage makes it more unique and original which will make it more trustworthy and as such, bonus points!

Utilizing YOUR real estate. If you utilize Twitter, be sure to put in a nice background image with some key marketing material. It'll help as people will check this out while browsing your Twitter tweets! In the below picture, I removed anything that would help identify this business. You can see after all the content is removed, there is a a lot real estate available for this brand to putup a background logo or image.

Having an awesome Fanpage NAME. Most fanpage names I am seeing out there are lacking, for instance, "Holland College Photography Bootcamp". Add in the photographers name and you got something a bit more, "Holland College Photography Bootcamp with Chris Wilkinson".

Another example is City Taxi, most in social media would merely create a fanpage called, "City Taxi". Well, what we are doing is selling their phone number or website so we called it, "City Taxi - 569-9999".

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