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My Day With Lord Stanley

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Tomorrow is gonna be the biggest day in my photography career so far. Being asked to be the event photographer for Lord Stanley's (The NHL's Stanley Cup) will be a huge honour.

As a young child, I was a huge NHL hockey fan. I could name almost any statistic on the NHL. Thanks to being a Guardian newspaper delivery boy, I collected a ton of hockey cards, all of which I still have today. NHL set's from the 1990's can be found within my house today.

As time went on, my interest in the NHL faded. Mostly after the Colorado Avalanche won the Stanley Cup, I was a huge Patrick Roy fan and while I love the word Avalanche, things were even better when Roy was moved to Colorado after his blow up with the Montreal Canadians.

My mother would tell you the story of when she caught me as a kid calling the Montreal operator and asking for Patrick Roy's phone number. She'd probably mention how the operator was super nice while talking to me.

But tomorrow represents a huge day starting at 8am. It will most notably be a very big day as it is not everyday you get to spend 13 hours with the cup. And being asked to be the photographer, after only shooting photos professionally for a year, its an even bigger feat.

If you have been following my fanpage, you have no doubt read about the Adam McQuaid Festival.

The Bostin Bruins have been tweeting all along the cup route and you can follow along with them at NHLBruins. Of course, I'l be tweeting and snapping pictures all day as well as posting some from my phone on my Twitter & Facebook fanpage.

For those interested in what's in store tomorrow. The biggest attraction will no doubt be a chance to get your photo taken with Lord Stanley. There will be tickets randomly selected that will give you an opportunity to get your photo taken with Lord Stanley. Be sure to bring a camera with charged batteries and one of our awesome volunteers will take you photo. But, importantly, be sure to test your camera and make sure it works prior to coming!

Now hopefully, I'll sleep well tonight!

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