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Updated!The Election in Social Media Numbers

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With Robert Ghiz dropping the writ today to start the provincial election, the race is on to shape the next provincial election. As of right now, here's the numbers in terms of Facebook friends. In brackets is the amount of fans each party has on their fanpage.

PartyLeaderFriends(Party Fans)
LiberalsRobert Ghiz5001 (505)
ConservativesOlive Crane1562 (185)
Green PartySharon Labchuk1193 (47)
NDPJames Rodd70 (47)
Island PartyBilly CannUnknown (61)

I am writing an update today to include the Twitter numbers. Who is followed the most on Twitter. In brackets, I put the party numbers. The first number represents how many people the account is following and the second represents how many are following the account. In some cases, either the party or the leader did not have Twitter so I put NA.

PartyLeaderFollowers(Party Followers)
LiberalsRobert GhizNA (1284/296)
ConservativesOlive Crane578/591 (1060/336)
Green PartySharon Labchuk220/420 (NA)
NDPJames RoddNA (134/200)
Island PartyBilly CannNA (189/90)

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