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This Election in Social Media

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With Election Day coming tomorrow, I've decided I would update my previous numbers on how the different parties did in terms of adding friends and fans on Facebook & Twitter. In order to make a political social media campaign successful, you need hard numbers. As such, I'm not going to weigh out the percentages but will add another column for how many friends, or fans, or followers; Depending on the platform of course.

By "New" I simply mean new since my last blog post.

PartyLeader+/- Friends(+/- Party Fans)
LiberalsRobert Ghiz1 (82)
ConservativesOlive Crane130 (64)
Green PartySharon Labchuk46 (20)
NDPJames Rodd4 (21)
Island PartyBilly CannUnknown (4)

Now for some Twitter numbers, how did each of the parties do? Well, not every leader is on Twitter. Or some parties are represented by their leader. As such, If it's NA, that means they or the leader does not have a party. Again, these numbers are the new followers/following that the party has gathered since my previous post.

PartyLeader+/- Followers(+/- Party Followers)
LiberalsRobert GhizNA (67/112)
ConservativesOlive Crane-1/30 (33/63)
Green PartySharon Labchuk1/57 (NA)
NDPJames RoddNA (0/32)
Island PartyBilly CannNA (2/19)

An interesting stat here is that Conservative leader Olive Crane dropped by 1 follower and yet they added 30 new followers and yet, there's been no twitter updates.

I wouldn't say there has been much real social media outreaching by the parties during this election. While some candidates, who normally tweet, are still doing a good job, there didn't seem to be an active push towards the virtual canvassing. I would take a guess that this is moreso due to a lack of strategy by the parties.

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