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Keeping My Calendars In Pace

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One of the issues in having 4-5 separate devices which I use regularly for a calendar service is synchronization. Depending on the situation, I could be accessing my calendar through my MacBook, my iPad, my windows based Desktop or my Blackberry. Or in the event I don't have any of these devices on me (or the battery dies), I will use the Google Calendar website.

I use Google Calendar to ensure all my devices are up to date on my calendar as to me, my calendar means everything. It tells me where I need to be and when. For someone with a small memory, my calendar is incredibly important. If I updated an event on my Blackberry, I expect it to be updated on my iPad.

So far the past umpteen years, I've been using Google Calendar to keep track of all my events or meetings. Then each device will synchronize off the Google Calendar.

To keep my Blackberry update to date, I use the Google Mobile Sync application. Every 30 minutes to 4 hours, my Blackberry will download all events from the Google Calendar and updated my Blackberry Calendar. As well, if I add an event, it will synchronize it to my Google Calendar.
Google Sync Website | Mobile Download

For my MacBook, the calendar application, called iCal, has a feature to do the same thing. It allows me to synchronize my Google Calendar into iCal. Same goes with my iPad. Any events created on these devices will Sync back to Google Calendar which then Synchronizes to my other devices.
Macbook: iCal Menu->Preferences->Accounts
iPad: Settings->Mail, Contact, Calendars->Add Account

Additionally, on my Desktop, I use Mozilla Thunderbird and through this there is an extension called Lightning. This extension is the calendar application for Thunderbird which also allows me to synchronize all Google Calendar events.
Mozilla Thunderbird | Lightning Website

Lastly, lets say I am out and about and for some reason I need to access my calendar but all my devices have died and have no battery life. In order to access my calendar, all I gotta do is go to the Google Calendar website which will allow me to view my calendar and make changes to it.
Google Calendar Website

Another benefit of using Google Mobile Sync with your Blackberry is it will allow you to synchronize all your contacts. So if I want to switch back to my old Blackberry Bold, I could be up and running with the same contacts and same calendar in a heartbeat. If I ever drop by Blackberry in the water, I'll still have all the same contacts on my phone thanks to Google Sync.

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