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Facebook As An Authentication System

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For the past little bit I have been using a Facebook tool to allow people to comment on my blog. My commenting system is being run through a Facebook Social Plugin.

The difference is that by utilizing Facebook people don't need to fill in their details as to who they are. It makes it easy as it utilizes your Facebook profile to leave comments. In order to comment, one must be signed into Facebook.

Lets take the recent Murder-Suicide on PEI. My good friends at The Guardian reported it on their website and the comments poured in. To have your comments submitted to The Guardian's website, all you need to do is enter in a name, an email address and your comments. The Guardian doesn't verify each user as that would take a lot of time. This is contrary to submitting a letter to the editor where they will call you up and verify your name and address.

By using the Facebook Social Plugin, this ensures people are posting comments with the same name that they have on Facebook instead of an anonymous made up name. While the downside may be that people will be more conservative, the upside is that they probably wouldn't say anything that they wouldn't say in public as their name is attached to it.

As a website owner, another benefit is that it utilizes Facebook authentication system so comment verification isn't required. And when someone does submit a comment, it is also linked back to their Facebook profile so their friends on Facebook are also aware of the comment which may also encourage conversation amongst their friends on the website.

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