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WinterDine: Old Dublin Pub

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My next visit as part of WinterDine was to Old Dublin Pub. After going to Globe World Flavours and finding out they had a private function, I wanted to go someplace outside my usual's. So I went to The Old Dublin Pub.

Old Dublin Pub's menu selection was easier to select from, after all, they only had one meal to select. So, it was a simple decision. Technically, I could have also gone with the selection from Claddagh Oyster House on the second floor as the waitress had offered it, however I wanted to stay on track.

Potato bacon soup
Braised lamb shanks with garlic mashed potatoes, root vegetables and a red wine braising jus
Sticky date pudding, ice cream, toffee and anglaise

Old Dublin Pub Soup

Upon ordering, the waitress brought me over my beverage and shortly there after, the Potato Bacon Soup. The soup was delicious. It was what every soup should be like. It had a little bit of kick, and easy going down. I wish the soup came in a bigger portion, not because it wasn't big enough but it was delicious!

Old Dublin Pub Lamb

A short 13 minutes later came the main course, the Braised Lamb Shanks. The lamb wasn't too appealing however I did throughly enjoy the garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables. The potatoes and veggies were cooked just right. The lamb was practically falling off the bone. I wasn't a big fan but again, however I did find myself moving the lamb out of the way to attack the vegetables on my plate instead!

The way the food was placed was definitely a bonus. The cooks obviously were careful with how it was put together.

Old Dublin Dessert

The sticky date pudding was alright. I didn't really value it too much. It tasted alright, nothing fancy but nothing too bad either.

In the end, my favorite part about Old Dublin Pub was the extra's. The soup & vegetables were more so a favorite of mine then the lamb.

Lastly the service was good. It was quick and my glass was only empty (excluding a large amount of ice) once. My server was attentive and always asking how things were.

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