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During Christmas break, my sister and I were out shopping for gifts. It was late and most stores downtown were now closed. As we were by Indigo, we either had to go up by Walmart or head downtown to purchase an item.

I popped onto my phone and looked up the stores website to find out the store hours. Sure enough, there was no listing of the store hours so my next thought was to get the phone number. Sadly that wasn't listed either.

The site isn't complex or that great looking, it is usability that is 1st and foremost for a website. What I did find interesting is that the website does contain updated product information on a regular basis which is great. Upcoming events also looks to be updated too but again, that's not helpful for someone looking for basic information such as store hours. But that's not always important if you are going to provide a way for the visitor to call you.

One of the main reasons people would be visiting your site would be to contact you and if you only provide them with the option to email you, that's not going to help your business. As a consumer, companies need to remember the basic reasons someone is visiting their site.

For some businesses you might want people to visit your site to order products, for others they may just want to give the visitor information. Some businesses don't feel their clients or partners should contact them, for instance, Facebook & Google don't provide easy to access phone numbers or email addresses. Both for retailers, having a method of instant contact is important.

At the end of the day, we went uptown instead of downtown since we did find contact information for the other store online and could call them.

In closing, if you're launching a new website. Check it twice. Look at what's naughty and nice. Not just from your perspective, but from a customer perspective.

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