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Insurance for your Phone

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Telus offers insurance for their phones through a third party. It cost like $8 a month. I've had it now for the past 12 months, maybe a little bit less or a little more.

Typically, I go through a phone every 6 months. So for a 2 year contract, I'd probably go through 4 phones. 1 of which is not covered under warranty costing around $500-$600 plus tax.

In the past 12 months, I've paid approx. $100 plus taxes for my insurance.
In the past 12 months, I've gone through 2 claims with the insurance provider, Assurion. Each time, I must pay a $150 fee for the replacement phone.
As such, I've paid $400 in total in the past 12 months for all the phones I've gone through.

Each time you get a replacement phone under warranty, it cost you a certain amount depending on the phone you have. For instance, smart phones like newer Blackberry's are $150. The second level is $100 and third is $50.

The first time I had a replacement phone, it cost $150 and they sent me out a new Blackberry 9800 to replace my Blackberry 9800. The paperwork took maybe 10 minutes and the next day I had a new phone in my hand. The phone was sent UPS Express (Overnight) as well. Total cost for this experience was about $200 including both the $8 monthly premium and the $150.

A couple months later, an issue occurred with my phone where the screen stopped working. As my phone had a 1 year warranty, the agreement was for them to replace my Blackberry 9800. As the 9800 was no longer supported due to the launch of the much more powerful 9810, I was sent a free upgrade of the Blackberry 9810.

A couple months later, I put my phone on my car and forget it was on my roof, I then proceed to drive off with it. I came back home, realized I didn't have my phone and searched all over. Found nothing.

So I went on Blackberry Protect and looked up where my phone was via their GPS mechanism. It was reporting it was by the convenience store. Jumped into my car and went down and viola, there it was on the side of the road smashed. It musta fell off my car at some point.

I immediately went home and called the Insurance to report my phone was broken. We again went through the process. At this point, they had to verify some data. At the end, I was informed they had to investigate why they are sending another phone and if I was scamming them or something. This took approx. a week. After numerous calls asking for an update, they finally had one.

So, we went through the same process of me paying $150 and them overnighting me a phone. This experience wasn't as great as the last one as the phone they sent was a refurbished one that wouldn't turn on. So, I called them up again and they overnighted me another phone. The second phone they sent out was the incorrect phone. So again, I called them up and they sent me out the proper phone, again overnight. Then the next day, I received an extra working phone by mistake. They musta submitted another report.

The good thing about this is that when they send you a new phone, they don't ask for the old phone battery back or the chargers. They just literally want the phone and don't care about the extras. This left me with a few extra batteries over this whole process. They do also send out return envelopes fully paid for.

So, now I am left with multiple batteries and a working phone.

In July, my contract with Telus was up. Ontop of this, I have a new phone with a 1 year warranty.

Now normally, when my contract is up with my cell phone carrier I buy a new phone and get on a new contract due to my phone dying around that time (or a couple months earlier). But by me having a new phone with a 1 year warranty, the need to do so isn't as great. As such, I can wait for a good deal with another or same carrier come out without having to be locked into a contract.

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